Collegeville Township, Minnesota

In the heart of Stearns County
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April 2017 Monthly Planning Meeting Minutes

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Collegeville Township Planning Committee met for their regular monthly meeting. Present were Planning Board members; Megan McNair (chair) Allen Schmitz, Allan Eisenschenk, Dave Dingmann, Ralph Leither and Deputy Clerk Karen Kmitch. The meeting was called to order at 8:00. Luke Salzer – 15698 Christmas Tree Road, Cold Spring- Accessory building permit for a 30 x 48 foot accessory building with a 10 x 48 foot lean to on the side of storage building. There was some confusion with the house being separated from rest of 40 acres at the request of the mortgage company. Two some acres were sectioned off, so question is which property lines to go by and where shed can be placed. Determined shed will actually sit on the property outside of the sectioned off area. Motion to approve by Dave Dingmann, seconded by Ralph Leither, motion carried. Sam Deleo- New plan is to create an Outlot A to be considered part of Lot 1, Outlot B will be considered part of Lot 2. Houses would be built on the backside of lots. County verified there are two building entitlements. He will return next month with more details in place. Review Planning Minutes for March 21, 2017 Planning Board Meeting. County requested an addition to the minutes to reflect a letter they had sent on the Public Meeting issue. It was added that a letter had been received with points to consider regarding the Conditional Use Permit for Jennings and Rohe and read by the Board. With correction/addition made, minutes accepted as submitted. Planning Board recommends Interim Fees raise from $250 to $350 with a motion by Allen Schmitz, seconded by Megan McNair, motion carried. Review Stearns County Real Estate value certificates and other County correspondence. Motion to adjourn by Ralph Leither at 9:04 seconded by Dave Dingmann, motion carried.
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