Collegeville Township, Minnesota

In the heart of Stearns County
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March 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes March 21, 2017 On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Collegeville Township Planning Committee met for their regular monthly meeting. Present were Planning Board members; Megan McNair (chair) Allen Schmitz, Allan Eisenschenk, Dave Dingmann, Ralph Leither and Deputy Clerk Karen Kmitch.

Public Hearing for Bryan Jennings and Stephanie Rohe- 27601 County Road 50, Cold Spring, MN- Conditional Use Permit opened 8:07 p.m.- Bryan wants to bring a 40ft x 60ft prebuilt accessory building with 12ft sidewalls for rental storage to be placed by two existing rental storage buildings. Board made requests to show proof of liability insurance, clarify hours of operation, and discussed some landscaping issues. There were no residents present to object and no letters received on the issue. The County Environmental Services sent a letter with points to consider which was read by the Board

Public Hearing closed 8:25- Board moved to approve permit with these requests: • Any trees removed will be replaced • Fencing and/or screening will be new evergreens between properties • No added signage • Parking pad will extend to the right • Will not be open between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. • Liability insurance will be purchased Motion to approve by Ralph Leither, second by Allen Schmitz, motion carried.

Bryan Jennings and Stephanie Rohe- 27601 County 50, Cold Spring, MN – Accessory Building Permit to bring a prebuilt 40ft x 60ft accessory building to be placed by two existing accessory buildings. They will be adding 3800 square feet of impervious material to driveway, not including the building. Motion to approve with stipulation that building painted so sidewalls are all the same and the roof is all one color by Dave Dingmann, second by Ralph Leither, motion carried.

Thomas and Christine Becker – 28670 County Road 50, Cold Spring, MN – Accessory Building Permit for an 8ft x 20ft and 24ft x 40ft with a bathroom and 12ft x 24ft second floor accessory building attached to existing accessory building. Motion to approve accessory building permit for shop/personal storage by Ralph Leither, second by Allan Eisenschenk, motion carried.

Michael Schmitz- 26702 Theresia Terrace Road, Richmond, MN – Application for approach permit for a new driveway approach. Motion to approve permit for new driveway approach by Dave Dingmann, second by Ralph Leither (Allen Schmitz abstained) motion carried.

Sam DeLeo a land surveyor from St. Cloud. One of his clients, Tom Kowalkowski wants to subdivide 9.5 acre land parcel into two buildable lots located on Kestral Lane by Big Watab Lake. CUP will be handled by County. The plan at this point is for both lots to share driveway access, one property or the other will be assigned lake access. Mr. DeLeo also discussed possibility of rezoning both lots into R5 which he feels will be the cleanest way to divide them. He needs Board of Supervisors to sign off on rezoning approval. Planning Board discussed the request for making two separate parcels to each have a building entitlement with a non-buildable out-lot ( which will be lake lot). (This property used to be two separate parcels and is still two separate tax parcels, but as far as building entitlements are concerned there is only one building entitlement available because the two parcels were unintentionally combined when they were included in the same deed to convey the land some time ago.) Review Planning Minutes for February 21, 2017 Planning Board Meeting. Minutes accepted as submitted. Review Stearns County real estate value certificates and other county correspondence. Motion to adjourn by Allen Schmitz at 9:30 seconded by Dave Dingmann, motion carried.

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